Monday, May 28, 2018

67.) How can Xbox Make a Comeback?

       E3 2018. is upon us and Microsoft has a chance to revitalize their console and reinvigorate the interest of fans at  Below are some key ideas I have shared  

Make Online Free for Silver like PC

       I completely agree with the video above in making Xbox Live multiplayer access free just like Windows 10 PC. What if you didn't have to pay to chat with friends online or player multiplayer games together? I'm not a fanboy in any way but one crucial thing I'd like to point out is once your PlayStation Plus membership is cancelled or ends, content you previously downloaded at no cost as part of the membership (such as Monthly Games) are no longer available. So I hesitate to call these games free because you can't keep plus games after the subscription runs out. Sony is essentially leasing games. However, free avatars and content you purchased at a discounted PlayStation Plus price is yours to keep. Whereas if you run out of Xbox Live Gold, the free games that you downloaded with that membership is yours forever even if your Gold expires. Currently, I am a silver member and I can still keep and play all the games I had with gold. More people will buy Xbox if online was free. That being said, Microsoft needs to make a comeback in the exclusive games department. 

Revive Cancelled Games (coming soon)

More Exclusive Games (coming soon)

       If you have any ideas you would like to share as to how the Xbox One can make a comeback, please comment below. Thanks for reading.  

Sunday, May 27, 2018

66.) Split-Screen Gaming Is Not Dead

       When we come together and stand up for ourselves as a game community, our voices can be heard. A prime example is the return of split-screen to Halo. 

Saturday, May 26, 2018

65.) TotalBiscuit has Passed Away

       While at work, both a friend and co-worker of mine informed me that YouTube personality John Bain who went by the name "TotalBiscuit" has passed away due to cancer. He was someone I highly admired and looked up to. His videos inspired me to go forth with this blog and not be afraid to speak on important issues and successes surrounding both the game industry and gaming culture. John was by far one of my favorite game critics and consumer advocates; covering a wide range of subjects including video game mods, loot-boxes and indie games. He wasn't afraid to speak against unethical business practices in the gaming industry whether or not people agreed with his opinions. His video on modern military shooters was a personal favorite of mine.

       Another video I was very fond of was back in 2013, where he compared first-person shooters at that particular time in comparison to older games in the genre.

       TotalBiscuit advocated how we can actually learn from 'old' games of the past. He mentioned how game levels had very complex designs. Today, often in single-player first-person shooter games, arrows constantly point and tell players where to go. Its one thing if players are lost in a map and they are given the option of using a compass or an arrow to give them some idea of where to go, instead of blatantly telling or forcing them. Players are forced down a narrow path towards their next objective with little to no decision making. Why are there no alternate paths for players to choose from towards the same objective? Personally, this has made my experience with many fps titles less fun. 

       The expectations for players to actually figure things out and think for themselves has been removed in so many first-person shooter games. Instead of constantly being told and forced where to go, players were expected to figure out how to navigate around things. Getting lost in a maze was fun! Finding Easter-eggs such as hidden rooms and secret paths was fun! Figuring out how to defeat enemies and challenging bosses  was fun because it gave me a sense of accomplishment. Players weren't solely left to always gunning down everything. They made decisions while fighting enemies and had to get creative and think on their feet. 

       What initially drew me to his YouTube channel were his The "WTF Is...?" series. They were essentially first looks at new video games and many independent game developers credited him for jump-starting their games. Back in 2011, "WTF Is... - Duty Calls was I think the very first video of his I watched which covered a game developed by Epic/ People Can Fly, created as a Call of Duty parody.

       His reviews in my humble opinion helped me to make informed decisions as a game consumer and to have some idea about what I was getting into before spending money on particular games. The video game world has experienced a tremendous loss. Rest in peace John Peter Bain; you are greatly missed. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

64.) How Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2 Stood the Test of Time

       I recently went back and played Rainbow Six: Vegas 1 and 2. It felt great to give orders and feel in command and not have NPCs (Non-playable characters) boss me around all the time. The game is still relatively good looking, with lots of color variation, and the core shooter and squad mechanics are rock solid. What are some other older games you feel that have truly stood the test of time? Please comment and share below. 

Saturday, November 25, 2017

61.) What has Happened to Video Games?

      Have we let share holders take over video games; one of the most favorable and beloved art forms? I've rambled on about microtransactions and loot boxes about how they've potentially hurt games due to their pay to win business model, however I'm okay if they are purely cosmetic. Often times, gamers and critics alike tend to mix up and interchange the words "publishers" and "developers". I'm still confident game developers are still creating games full of passion and love but sadly they get blamed for many of the publisher's decisions. Their product just doesn't feel like it at times due to focus groups, investor expectations and crunch time. Initially I was excited for next-gen as far as PS4 and Xbox One because due to their technological advancements, game developers didn't feel limited anymore by hardware specs. Without these hardware limitations on developers, the possibilities are endless and games could potentially do things beyond what many of us could dream. While pushing the boundaries, gamers are beginning to feel as if more effort is put into figuring out the best microtranscation and DLC system to get more out of their wallets. The base 60 dollar game is now often released unfinished and incomplete; lacking content at launch only to be sold later separately as expansions. Part of the reason why is that games are becoming more expensive to create. Thanks for reading and I hope the trend of these terrible business practices will soon come to an end.

Are Loot Boxes Negatively Influencing 
the way games are designed? 

What about Call of Duty World War 2's 
Loot Boxes?