Saturday, November 25, 2017

61.) What has Happened to Video Games?

      Have we let share holders take over video games; one of the most favorable and beloved art forms? I've rambled on about microtransactions and loot boxes about how they've potentially hurt games due to their pay to win business model, however I'm okay if they are purely cosmetic. Often times, gamers and critics alike tend to mix up and interchange the words "publishers" and "developers". I'm still confident game developers are still creating games full of passion and love but sadly they get blamed for many of the publisher's decisions. Their product just doesn't feel like it at times due to focus groups, investor expectations and crunch time. Initially I was excited for next-gen as far as PS4 and Xbox One because due to their technological advancements, game developers didn't feel limited anymore by hardware specs. Without these hardware limitations on developers, the possibilities are endless and games could potentially do things beyond what many of us could dream. While pushing the boundaries, gamers are beginning to feel as if more effort is put into figuring out the best microtranscation and DLC system to get more out of their wallets. The base 60 dollar game is now often released unfinished and incomplete; lacking content at launch only to be sold later separately as expansions. Part of the reason why is that games are becoming more expensive to create. Thanks for reading and I hope the trend of these terrible business practices will soon come to an end.

Are Loot Boxes Negatively Influencing 
the way games are designed? 

What about Call of Duty World War 2's 
Loot Boxes? 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

60.) Why We need to save Net Neutrality

       What is Net Neutrality? What does it mean to us? We should protect net neutrality at all costs from the new FCC appointed chairman Ajit Pai who is putting up a hard fight to get it repealed so that internet service providers can dictate how you use your internet connection. Repealing net neutrality regulations means consumers could start paying more for their Internet services. Consumers could see ISPs start to “bundle” services — such as certain websites or applications. The internet plays a massive role in each and everyone of our lives. Why dismantle something that is working well? Again, this is a serious issue that impacts everyone. Let's do whatever it takes to keep the internet open and unrestricted and prevent big internet service providers from screwing us over.

What can we do?
  • Call Ajit Pai and let him now we're not gonna stand for a corporate controlled internet: 202-418-1000
  • Tweet Donald J. Trump at @POTUS
  • Tweet FCC at @FCC
  • Visit and fill out the form and submit
  •  Visit
  • Help support a free and open internet!

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58.) EA's Star Wars Battlefront 2 Microtransactions & Loot Boxes Controversy

57.) Why Did EA Shutdown Visceral Games?

Breaking News! 
EA bought Respawn Entertainment?! 
Should gamers be concerned about Titanfall's future?

56.) Project Offset Further Investigation

       This video created by GVMERS practically sums up my previous blog post on the cancelled game Project Offset. First showcased to the world in 2005, Project Offset was a fantasy based action game that was trapped in development for more than five years. Later the game was cancelled in 2010. So why was it cancelled after so long? Check out this video investigation of Project Offset for details.