Friday, May 13, 2016

43.) Meaningful Moral Choices in Videogames

42.) How the Playstation Began

       We love the Playstation, but where did it originate and who started it? We have to thank Ken Kutaragi who founded the Playstation. Check out ColdFusion's video of the full story below. 

41.) Nano-Biological Computing

In February of this year, a group of researchers figured out how to make a successful Nano-Biological parallel computing system that could rival the quantum computer. Let's take a look!

40.) What are Dedicated Game Servers?

       I've come across many gamers this day in age who say, "I can't compete online simply because my opponent has a better computer or better graphics than me." This is not entirely accurate. Its more so the server handling networking in real-time between the players in the match and taking into account each of their Internet speeds... not necessarily graphics. Check out this video explanation below about dedicated game servers.